Host your Game Server with 'I Are Server'

I Are Server is a small hosting company that focuses on older, less popular games at affordable rates. We are not some large souless company, we are 'One of You' who run game servers because thats what we love to do. You can contact us on Discord for any questions and support which will be answered by a real person, with real answers in near real time.
If you dont see the game you want to have hosted, just ask!

Instant Setup Customize your Game the way *YOU* want it 7 Day Trial with FULL Refund
Discord Support and Active Community DDoS Protection Reason ?
Free website, email and MySQL DB Guaranteed lowest rates Servers are NEVER overloaded

Current Server Locations
Texas, USA
New York, USA
Missouri, USA
California, USA

London, UK
Paris, France
We are constantly expanding our services as our needs grow. If you would like to have a server in another location, just ask, we may expand our services if requested.
If you would like to see our Game Panel in action you can login with
userid: demo
password: demo. 
It is running the Free steam game, Fistful of Frags.  You can edit the server, restart, stop, reinstall .. whatever you want to do ....  break it if you want, then reinstall.   You can download Fistful of Frags from steam if you would like to play on the server.

Learn more about us at our website I are Gamer or on our discord server

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Available Services

All prices are in US Dollars
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Counter Strike Source
10 Slots $0.10/Month
No Image

DayZ Mod (CO)
10 Slots $0.00/Month
No Image

Fistful of Frags
10 Slots $0.10/Month
No Image

Fistful of Frags (Free)
10 Slots $0.02/Month
No Image

Garrys Mod
10 Slots $1.50/Month
No Image

Killing Floor 2
10 Slots $0.00/Month
No Image

Left 4 Dead 2
10 Slots $0.00/Month
No Image

50 Slots $1.50/Month